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Space for

Free People

Free Space For
Free People




Coffeesta Coffee Shop was launched on June 2015, it is a Georgian company with wonderful plans in the Coffee Retail industry.

Today, Coffeesta is one of the most growing coffee shops chain in Georgia which offers customers different formats of services: from express stores to cafe type stores with branch menu and an open kitchen.

The Coffeesta Team is mainly focused on high quality service. We offer you premium coffee based on 100% Arabica beans, with reasonable prices



Our mission is Free Space for Free People, so we are trying our best to give those words power, and to truly make Coffeesta a Free Space for Free People. Our mission will be complete once every young Georgian  People will fill our magic atmosphere with their vibrant energy.

Today and tomorrow


Today  Coffeesta  is  #1 Coffee Shop Chain in Gerorgia, with expantion plans in nearest future all over the Georgia an EU Countries.

Working Hours: 
Everyday : 08:00 - 22:00
Shopping Mall Stores: 10:00 - 22:00

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